Why Us

  • The centre is staffed by a doctor who has been trained in the Greek excellence centre of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Alexandra University Hospital of Athens. Subsequently, he was trained in Fetomaternal Medicine at King’s College Hospital London, the most important centre of Fetal Medicine in the world, next to the pioneer Professor of Fetal Medicine, Kypros Nicolaides. In recognition of his performance in diagnosing and managing fetal complications cases, he was awarded from the Fetal Medicine Foundation the prestigious “Diploma in Fetal Medicine” title, the highest award Professor Nicolaides reserves for Fellows trained in his Unit.
  • The Doctor is certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF ID number: 106845) and the Greek State Centre of Certification to perform all the needed ultrasound scans and the invasive procedures during pregnancy. Additionally, he is certified by the Greek Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology to diagnose and manage any cervical abnormalities.
  • There is the possibility of direct communication and tele- conferencing with King’s College Hospital, University College London Hospital and Fetomaternal Specialist Doctors, geneticists, pediatric cardiologists, surgeons and neonatologists in order to offer a multidisciplinary approach in complicated cases that happen during pregnancy.
  • Our centre is equipped with the technologically advanced General Electric Voluson E8 Expert ultrasound machine, with Advanced 3D-4D recording capabilities.Moreover, the machine is Spatio Temporal Imaging Correlation (STIC) enabled, to offer enhanced fetal heart studying capabilities.The equipment can also perform advanced study of the female ovary via the enabled sophisticated software. This enhances the diagnostic accuracy of the polycystic ovaries condition.
  • The lab support comes from a specialised centre of measuring PAPP-A and free β-hCG. The centre is also backed by an experienced molecular biology lab for the fetal karyotype investigations.
  • The centre offers most of the comercially available non invasive prenatal tests (cell- free fetal DNA test).
  • Pregnant women are followed- up throughout the pregnancy by the same person, since all ultrasound scans are performed by us, ensuring a holistic approach since we will have a comprehensive picture of the pregnancy.
  • All cases are managed according to the latest protocols by the (Royal & American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (RCOG and ACOG, respectively) after adaptation to the Greek standards and with extensive counseling.
  • Appointments are scheduled in advance with the minimum waiting time.
  • The time devoted to each woman is at least 30 minutes for the nuchal translucency scan and at least 45 minutes for the anomaly scan, so a detailed examination is performed and all questions are answered.
  • Each examination is accompanied by a detailed report explaining all details and aspects of the scan. Moreover, all future mothers receive photos and a DVD that includes all the exam, free of charge.
  • We are associates of IASO Thessaly and Maternity Clinic of Trikala, so we can cover all women’s individual preferences and needs.
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Maria Nikolaou

Graduated from Midwifery Dpt of the School of Health and Wellfare Professions of the Higher Technological Institute of Athens, Greece
Completed her practical training in the Ob- Gyn Clinic of Hospital Alexandra, Athens, Greece.
Volunteer in refugee camps during the refugee crisis period in Greece.
Special interest in preparing future parents for the coming of their baby.