The feelings you experience during your pregnancy are special and unique: the feeling of expectation, the first baby kicks and moves. Ultrasound has added more possibilities in perceiving the miracle of life with more of our senses: we can listen to the heartbeat and see a miniature living being on the ultrasound screen.

This way, parents can meet with their unborn child since the beginning of the pregnancy. The modern technologies we have in our disposal, allow us to see the first pictures of the unborn child not only in two dimensions but also in three dimensions. We can also see the 3D picture in real- time motion (4D)!

The pictures we are able to get by ultrasound are trylly astonishing but now, we can add another dimension in fetal visualisation modalities.

Using the novel opportunities offered by 3D printing, now it is possible to create a precise copy of the unborn baby in a form of a figurine. With this technique we can precisely visualise the baby’s features just like it is inside its mother’s womb.

Wh have a partnership with the leading companies of the field and, in combination with our high- end equipment, we can offer you the opportunity to get for you or as a present for your friends and relatives, the 3D printed figurine of your baby to touch and caress. Feel free to ask for details and we would be more than happy to provide you with further inormation.