Having a child can be one of the most important moments of life! Our wish is that everything goes well and after the pregnancy completion you hold a healthy baby in your arms. Indeed, in the vast majority of cases, everything is fine and babiew born are strong and healthy. However, in a few cases, complications may happen during the course of pregnancy that can make things more difficult.

In this context, genetic syndromes, structural abnormalities, intrauterine growth restriction, preterm labor, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes may complicate pregnancy. Other couples are concerned because of a history of a complication in a previous pregnancy, a history of an abnormality in a previous baby or because of a family history.

The Doctor is specialised in Fetomaternal Medicine after been trained for several years in centres of excellence in the United Kingdom and having offered his service in major hospitals of the Greater London area. Additionally, we have published a book about Counseling in Fetal Medicine for experts of the field, which elaborates on the proper way of counseling in cases of detected abnormalities. We are confident that we can provide couples with accurate and objective counseling guidance of the highest level. It is our belief that a well informed couple can choose the best suited option and we aspire to help towards that direction.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with top of the class scientists of other specialties (geneticists, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric surgeons) in order to offer parents an accurate and complete knowledge of their baby’s condition. This will also prove beneficial for further follow up before and after birth.

 We are also at your disposal in case you would like a second opinion or if you just wish to confirm what you already know. The whole process will be dealt with professionalism and discretion and will strengthen your belief of having done the best choice available.