3D/ 4D Scan

3D/ 4D Scan

In our Centre, we use highly sophisticated, modern ultrasound equipment that takes advantage of the Advanced 4D dedicated software to produce high quality 3D (still) and 4D (3D pictures that move in real time, like a movie) images of your baby.

What are the purposes of the 3D/ 4D scan?

    • Adding information in diagnoses made with the 2D scan.

In case an anomaly is detected, the classic, two dimensions, picture is adequate to establish diagnosis. In the unlikely event that the baby has such an abnormality, a 3D scan might provide us with additional information for medical purposes, depicting the lesion in three dimensions. Therefore, the diagnostical accuracy might be increased and, in the same time, the deformity might be easier for the parents to understand, too.

    • Leisure purposes.

The major 3D/ 4D scans advantage isthe pleasure they bring to the parents as they are able to see their baby in three dimensions while still inside the womb.This, might also be helpful in strengthening the bonding with the baby before it is born because it can then have a more “true” appearance. It is the first image of how the baby will look like after birth and, in many cases, we can identify the particular appearance fetatures the baby will have.

When can the scan be done?

A 3D/ 4D scan can be done at any stage of pregnancy as long as the baby’s position is favorable. It is usually performed between the 20th- 34th week of pregnancy. We get the best picture quality if the scan is done between the 27th- 30th week because that is when theratio of the baby’s size to the amniotic fluid volume is optimal. Sometimes, the picture can be quite breathtaking!

The three and four dimensions (3D/ 4D) scan is included in the all the important scans of the pregnancy performed in our Centre, that is the nuchal scan, the anomaly scan and the growth/ Dopplers scan. However, if you wish so, you can book additional scan appointments exclusively for a 3D/ 4D scan.